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The Centre AB is a new, independent news outlet in Red Deer.

As traditional media has pulled out of the city, social media has filled a vacuum but also fuelled rumours, misinformation and division in the community. It has also allowed newsrooms in Calgary and Edmonton to "report" on Red Deer without actually having reporters who live here.

The Centre won’t be showing up to every ribbon cutting or regurgitating news releases from the police or City Hall. Instead, we will dig beneath the headlines. We will ask harder questions on underreported issues that matter to our citizens. We will strive to provide you the insight and analysis you need to stay informed.

The Centre AB is by and for Red Deerians and our neighbours in Central Alberta.

What we're hearing from the community

A need for better reporting

"Overall, I think local news outlets at present are extremely complacent. There's no solid outlet that is pushing them to be better, or holding them to account when they come up short, which has lead to a lot of lazy reporting that I've seen first hand while working in these newsrooms. This complacency existed long before the Red Deer Express was bought by Black Press - there simply hasn't been much competition in the city for news, so reporters think they have a good handle on what's going on simply because no one else is showing them where they are falling behind. This, obviously, is a great disservice to people locally who want to be informed."

- Survey respondent

Filling the gap in local news

"It would be nice to have more access to local news, I will be looking forward to seeing what this brings."

- Survey respondent

Who is behind this?

Heather Marcoux is the founding editor of The Centre AB.
A former television journalist, Heather got her start in media as a Red Deer College student working at CHCA News. Her love of news outlasted the station, and as it faded to black she embarked on a career in journalism that saw her telling stories throughout the Prairie provinces
—including a stint at Shaw TV here in Red Deer, covering City Council. 

She’s produced and reported for Global, CityTV and CTV, and anchored a Saskatoon morning show before returning home to Red Deer in 2014. 

She has spent the last 5 years working for American media properties from her home in Red Deer.